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Covid-19 Protocols

Covid protocols effective February 28, 2022

We recommend that patients always wear a mask while in our office.

We will continue to ask that each patient have only one escort, any family member or support person who is not required for mobility, comprehension, or translation will be asked to wait outside of our office if physical distancing or proper PPE recommendations can not be maintained.

We will continue to ask people to wait in their vehicles until we are ready to have them come up to the office to help maintain social distancing.  This will allow screening to be done prior to entry.  Temperatures will no longer be taken at the door.

Screening of symptoms will continue to be done for everyone attending an appointment.

Thank you for your co-operation. 


May 12, 2020

To our valued patients at Broadway Dental Group,

We are happy to announce that we will be reopening the clinic beginning Tuesday, May 12th. At this point, we will be booking patients with emergent concerns and patients whose appointments were cancelled over the last 2 months in the order they were cancelled. If you have contacted the clinic during the closure and are awaiting dental treatment, please wait to be contacted by one of our clinic staff to arrange an appointment.

The clinic will be open from 8 AM - 4 PM by appointment only and treatment will be limited to the following services, as per guidelines from the College of Dental Surgeons of Saskatchewan (CDSS):

    ● Dental exams and cleanings
    ● Dental emergencies including infection, trauma, and swelling.

The look and flow of the office will be different from what we are all used to. Our priority has and always will be patient safety, so we have adapted to the guidelines provided by the Saskatchewan Health Authority (SHA) and CDSS. These changes include:

    ● A COVID-19 screening questionnaire will be completed by telephone at the time your appointment is booked, and when you arrive to the clinic.
    ● Please wait in your vehicle and call our office when you arrive and only come into the clinic when you have been instructed to do so by one of our staff.
    ● The washroom will be available prior to any appointment to decrease likelihood of appointment interruptions. If you are able to use the washroom at home prior to your appointment, this will also help decrease traffic flow through the clinic.
    ● If someone accompanies you to the clinic, we ask that they remain in their vehicle. If your child or minor dependent has an appointment we ask that only one parent/guardian escorts them into the clinic.
    ● Upon entry into the clinic you will be greeted by one of our team members. They will provide you with a mask to wear if you did not bring your own, and will provide you with hand sanitizer to use. Your temperature will be taken.
    ● Prior to any dental treatment, you will be asked to use a mouth rinse and wash your hands.
    ● If you are having more invasive dental work completed, we will provide you with a gown to cover your clothes, and this work will be completed in a sealed off area of the clinic.
    ● Upon completion of your treatment you will be asked to wash your hands, and then will be escorted to our reception area. Payment accepted will be via credit card or e-transfer; cheques and cash will not be accepted at this time.
    ● Prior to leaving the clinic we will ask you to sanitize your hands.
    ● To accommodate social distancing, appointment times will be altered and staff numbers will be limited. All magazines and coffee machines will be removed from our office.
    ● Extra time will be booked between patient appointments to allow for common areas of contact, such as door handles and countertops, to be disinfected.
    ● Same day dental work may be difficult to accomplish, and will be completed only at the discretion of the dentist.

Even though some of these changes may be temporary, the responses to COVID-19 include frequent changes to guidelines which are intended to keep us safe and healthy. Our office may look a little different, but behind all of the masks and gowns we are the same team you have come to know at Broadway Dental. We have continued to grow in knowledge and best practices through plentiful continuing educational webinars over the last 2 months and are excited to be back at the clinic to see and interact with all of our fantastic patients.

Drs. Slovack, Rabuka, Sachdev and Britton



May 5, 2020

To all patients of Broadway Dental Group,

As you may have heard, Premier Scott Moe recently announced a five phase reopening plan for the province of Saskatchewan. Starting on May 4th, medical services, which include dental clinics, are allowed to re-open their practices to the public. We know that the past six weeks since our doors have closed have not been easy and we have appreciated your patience during this challenging time.

Moving forward, Broadway Dental Group will continue to adhere to guidelines put forth by the College of Dental Surgeons of Saskatchewan (CDSS) to keep our patients, staff, and the general public as safe as possible. We are currently preparing the clinic with new proposed guidelines in place, but unfortunately our biggest hurdle is access to Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). In addition, we will be making some changes to our office and scheduling to accommodate social distancing and minimizing patient interactions within the office. These changes take time and as such we will unfortunately be unable to safely open our office on Monday, May 4th. We are hoping that in the next few weeks we may be able to acquire the PPE we need, as well as implement the other required adjustments to safely open our clinic and provide our patients with the care they require.

For now, all appointments that are booked prior to June 15, 2020 will be cancelled. When we are able to re-open our clinic, the treatment we will be able to provide will be limited to emergent/ urgent care and select hygiene appointments. A few of the protocols that will be put in place will most likely include:

  • The waiting room will have limited seating. To minimize the number of patients in the office, we will ask that you call us once you arrive and remain in your vehicle until we call you to come into the office.
  • When you do enter the office, you will be asked to sanitize your hands and put on a mask; if you have a cloth mask from home please consider using it.
  • Your temperature will be checked with a contactless thermometer and you will be required to answer a COVID-19 screening questionnaire either via telephone or in person.
  • We ask that you use the restroom if needed before your appointment begins to minimize movement throughout the office.
  • Only one parent or guardian can accompany a child to an appointment; if you have a partner, friend or spouse who is coming to your appointment we ask that they wait in your vehicle.
  • You may be asked to wear a gown, depending on the type of treatment required.
  • Once your appointment is completed we will escort you to our front desk. We ask that you use credit card or e-transfer payment, as cash and cheques will not be accepted at this time.
  • Please respect social distancing with other patients in the clinic although we will do our best to minimize interactions as much as possible.
  • Walk-in appointments at this time will not be possible. Please call ahead to book an appointment.
  • Adjustments to scheduling patient care will be made to minimize social interactions but also provide us with adequate time between patients to disinfect all parts of the clinic, including high traffic areas such as doorknobs, waiting room chairs, countertops, and restrooms.
  • Extra time will be spent disinfecting all areas of the clinic.

Once our office reopens to all procedures we will contact all of our cancelled patients to rebook appointments in order of urgency and then by date of the cancelled appointment.
At this time please ensure you contact us if you have a true dental emergency. The dentists are available by telephone and our office emails and answering machine are checked weekly. Once again, we want to thank you for your patience during this time. We understand that this is a departure from what we are all used to. Unfortunately until we understand more about COVID-19, these guidelines will allow us to safely re-introduce dental treatment while simultaneously minimizing health care constraints and continual ‘flattening of the curve’. As provincial guidelines and professionally mandated requirements change, we will adapt accordingly and hope that it is sooner than later we can return back to an environment we are all used to.

We will be in touch in the coming days and again, we hope to see you all again soon. Stay safe and healthy.


Sincerely, Drs. Rabuka, Slovack, Sachdev, Britton and the Broadway Dental Group team



March 22, 2020

On March 20, 2020 the Provincial Government announced the closure of dental offices except for non-elective procedures.  As such, Broadway Dental Group will be closed for an indefinite period of time beginning March 23, 2020. 

Any appointments booked prior to May 15, 2020 will be cancelled.  Once the Pandemic has resolved and the Provincial Government sends notice to reopen our office for regular procedures, we will contact all patients that were booked in that time period.

Please be aware that in the event of an emergency (uncontrollable pain, swelling, etc.) our dentists will still be reachable by phone.  Please call the office at (306) 664-9994 and choose option 2.  You will then be able to choose which dentist you would like to reach. 

During this closure no interest charges will be charged on any outstanding balances and monthly fees for orthodontic treatment will not be charged.  Payments on balances can still be paid via e-transfers sent to or by a mailed cheque.  If you would like to pay an outstanding balance with a credit card please leave a message for reception and someone will return your call as soon as possible.

The voicemail messages for reception will be checked approximately once per week.  Please leave a message for reception if you have any non-urgent questions or concerns.

We hope that everyone stays healthy in these challenging times.



To our valued patients,

During this global pandemic, we have made the difficult decision to reduce our practice to emergency/urgent care only for the foreseeable future.  We feel it is in the best interest of our patients, staff and local community that we also take measures to reduce the impact COVID-19 may have in our city.  Other provinces have included directives towards dental clinics to consider similar measures and we feel that this is a pro-active approach that could keep us all safer. 

This has been a difficult decision that we have not taken lightly.  We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this imposes.  One of our dentists will continue to see our patients should an urgent dental concern require immediate attention.  Please be aware that our front desk staff will be available this week over the phone from 8AM until 4PM and after hour emergency phone calls will be redirected by calling the office phone number when the office is closed.  We will do our best to reschedule all elective care once it is deemed safe to do so. 

Please stay safe and healthy.  We truly value our Broadway Dental Group family and look forward to seeing all of our patients when this concern passes.





Drs. Carman, Ashley, Charles, Arjunn and the BDG team